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Our Services

Our Team of technical Consultants who come with sector specialization and have several years of experience in screening, assessing and shortlisting candidates for various categories starting from Top Management, Middle Level to Skilled & Unskilled Labour from various fields like projects / construction, plant maintenance, contracting, building & industrial maintenance, onshore / offshore, industrial installations, marine, jetty / harbour, diving / underwater, health, safety, environment & loss prevention, medical & para-medical, exploration & production, hospitality & catering, PMV, pest control & public health, information & communication technology.

Overseas Recruitment

Our in-depth understanding of your hiring needs help us select and administer the candidate's appropriate ability and skills. We will help you identify a position's core competencies and build our interview around those selections so that, using our detailed interview summary, you will be able to make a more informed hiring decision.

Client Relationship

Customer relationship management is a strategy for understanding your customers and their needs in order to optimize your interactions with them. This philosophy leverages technology to create stronger relationships with former, current and prospective customers while maximizing your marketing and customer service capabilities.

Industries & Expertise

Khatri Tours and Travels Integrate Services appreciates that every industry has its own nuances in terms of management style, skill sets, hiring practices and compensation norms. Our people are supported by their invaluable industry knowledge and contacts, an awareness of trends and sensitivity to current marketplace issues.

Consulting & Advisory

We offer a wide range of Consulting & Advisory services to our customers, which help them to build systems and processes to acquire, engage and develop their human capital. With veterans in HR Consulting, we offer a variety of consulting services that include organization structuring and manpower planning, vision & mission structuring, competency, profiling of roles with role-holders and employee engagement study to name a few.

Recruitment Process

We advertise the required categories in leading English and Regional newspapers on an all India basis of the respective cities. We upload our client's requirements on Khatri Tours and Travels website and we also headhunt for certain specialized categories at potential areas


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Hospitality Recruitment Solutions recruits professional people for the hospitality industry. Hospitality Recruitment Solutions has offices based in New South Wales and Queensland, hospitality is an area we know best and we list career opportunities starting form experienced line staff through to executive management positions and temporary casual work. Our clients are well renown Hotels, Resorts, Wineries and Restaurants throughout many locations